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Rosies first opened on st patricks day, 1999, and we are now in our eleventh......
We still have all the major sporting events including the premier league, rugby, grand prix.
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Our drinks on draught are Guinness, Brains SA, Magners, Stowford press Cider, Heineken and Tiger Lagers.
Guinness - 189 baht per pint, all day every day

There are many ways to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, the following information should assist you in planning your journey and provide information on the various routes.

Thailands new airport opened in September 2006, the information below details travelling from Don Muang (old airport) and at the top of this page the new Suvarnabhumi airport.

Suvarnabhumi Airport To Pattaya

Taxi : For taxis to Pattaya, drivers are charging a flat fee of 1200 baht one way and that the journey is one and a half to two hours, depending on traffic. Some local taxi companies who will be able to meet you at the airport are: -

Bus : There is now a shuttle bus to take passengers from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi airport, and vice versa. This has been opened by Transportation Co Ltd. The bus will bear the number 999 and a one-way ticket is priced at 106 baht. All buses will have a capacity for40 people.

The Pattaya bus terminal is located at the beginning of Soi Chaiyapruk. Air-conditioned buses leave Pattaya three times a day for Suvarnabhumi Airport, departing at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Air-conditioned buses leave Suvarnabhumi Airport for Pattaya again at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The bus travels a non-stop direct route on the motorway, and takes approximately two hours for the 127k trip.

Don Muang Airport (Old Airport)

Taxi: Easily the quickest and most comfortable way to get to Pattaya. Taxi journey dependant on traffic should be around 2 hours. You should not be paying more than 1500 Baht for a taxi. As you walk through customs, on the other side will be hundreds of taxi companies trying to gain your business, some charging anything up to 3000 baht. Try and follow the following points and things will run smoothly....

Bus: This route is the cheapest mode of transport to Pattaya, the buses to Pataya are relatively comfortable and have air conditioning. If you follow the following points you should arrive in Pattaya relatively hassle free in about 3 hours or less.

  • As your leaving the airport look for the airport bus booth.
  • You will initially need to catch a bus to Ekamai at a cost of around 100 baht. This is usually the A3 bus. The staff at the bus station will assist you in finding the correct bus.
  • At Ekamai get off the bus and go into the Ekamai bus station. At the ticket office buy a ticket for an air conditioned bus to Pattaya, this should be around 120 baht.
  • Their will be a short wait for a Pattaya bus, there is a bus about every thirty minutes. This bus will take you to Pattaya Bus station.
  • On arriving at the bus station you will then need to get a baht bus (taxi that looks like a pick up truck - see picture below) to your hotel. A baht bus from the bus station should cost between 30 and 60 baht depending on where your hotel is. Remember to barter with the taxi driver.
There is another bus station in Bangkok called Morchit. You will need to get a taxi to this bus station at a cost of around 150 baht. Once arriving at Morchit bus station buy a ticket for Pattaya bus station and follow the same rules as Ekamai. There is a bus from Morchit to Pattaya every thirty minutes, this should cost you around 140 baht.
Train : Directly opposite Bangkok airport there is a train station where you can get a train to Bangkoks main train station. However from Bangkoks main station there is only one train per day to Pattaya. For details, call the State Railway of Thailand, 1690, 0 2223 7010, 0 2220 4444 (RSVN), 0 2220 4334, 0 2621 8701
Getting Around Pattaya :

Baht Bus: The easiest and most popular way to get around Pattaya is by Baht bus or 'songthaew' (see above). These generally run a circuit along beach road, to walking street and then along second road turning left back onto beach road.

The standard fare for this is 10 baht, where ever you get on of off.

However Baht buses will take you anywhere upon request. Remembering if you request a destination, a higher charge will be applied, see the table below for a rough guide to prices.

From / to
North Pattaya
Central Pattaya
South Pattaya
Pratamnak Hill
60 Baht 60 Baht 70 Baht 120 Baht
150 Baht
  40 Baht 60 Baht 100 Baht
120 Baht
Central Pattaya
    50 Baht 18 Baht
120 Baht
South Pattaya
      80 Baht
100 Baht
Pratamnak Hill
60 Baht
Motorbike taxi: A quicker way to ge around Pattaya is by motorbike taxi, you'll find these on most street corners, recognised by different coloured vests with numbers on their back. Try to negotiate a price up front, these are more expensive than the baht buses but are quicker. Always ensure you wear a helmet, if the driver does not provide you with one, ask! Initially for your safety but also it could save you a small fine if the police see you.
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